It's like a LAN Party, but W.

Wat (was) dis?

Welcome to WANParty! Roglozor's personal social network, a house of FOSS Federation.

This site was originally my personal web service intended for various open source and federated communication services, such as XMPP, email, ActivityPub, etc.

Today, I've pretty much abandoned this place. The only thing currently running is my XMPP service, I shut down my Pleroma instance because Pleroma honestly sucks ass, and I'm focused on other things. I may update this place again one day, I still want to host my own email service at some point, but this is all for the foreseeable future.

My main (and very much work in progress) website can be found at roglozor.xyz. You can also find my contact details on the bottom of each page on this site.

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